How to apply and audition information

Due to the demanding nature of the course and the rigorous demands students will endure, we have a minimum age restriction of 18 years old. All applicants must be 18 years of age prior to the course commencement date to be considered for a place.

Initial Application Stage:

Please register your interest by clicking our ‘Apply Now!’ button, this will prompt you to enter your details in order for a prospectus to be sent out to you. Once you have received this prospectus and carefully read through the information, please detach the application form provided in the centre fold of the prospectus and return it to us at the address provided. Please ensure┬áthat you include all documentation listed and that the form is completed in full to avoid any delays in your application.

Group Audition:

Entrants are required to attend a group dance audition class along with a group musical theatre audition class where they will be assessed against our criteria. The audition material will be taught to you on the day and our expectations will be fully clarified. At the audition, entrants will have the opportunity to find out more about the academy, our course and our tutors/team.


Individual Audition:

Applicants who successfully meet our criteria at the Group Audition Stage will be invited to audition privately for a place at RSM Academy of Performing Arts. Applicants will be required to prepare and perform the following pieces lasting no longer than two minutes each:

-1 Commercial song
-1 Musical Theatre song

-1 Classical Acting Piece/Monologue
-1 Contemporary Acting Piece/Monologue

-1 Dance piece of your chosen style.

Please also be prepared to work on a previously unseen text during your audition. All music for use during your individual audition must be brought on CD.



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