Term One:

Students will begin to work as an ensemble from the off set, forming a collective so that they can work with their peers for optimum creativity. Students will begin by combining classical choral work, contemporary texts, improvisation and physical theatre with confidence building group exercises. This ensures students are comfortable with the group so that they can explore the intricacies of the course content without inhibition. Vocal Production, Articulation and Projection will be developed to an exceedingly high level in our technique classes during this term. This will culminate in a presentation of text based performances at the end of term one.


Term Two:

Students will form their own theatre company and will create their own piece of theatre from page to stage, exploring all aspects of dramaturgy and various leading theatrical practitioners (e.g. Brecht, Stainslavski and Hagen). Students will work as a collective to create, produce and perform an original script starting with an innovative concept, they will learn about all aspects of production with master classes in set design, stage lighting and sound. This will run alongside rehearsals for our Musical Theatre production which will be performed at the end of this term.


Term Three:

Acting takes commitment and diligence and students at RSM Academy of Performing Arts are encouraged to embrace each task with a positive outlook. The responsibility in portraying another person’s life, even just for a moment, is something to be taken seriously. In their final term, students will be challenged creatively, physically and academically so that they are fully prepared for the demands of the industry. Students will have audition preparation workshops and audition classes in order to equip themselves with the skills needed to enter the industry with a positive start.